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Life Transformation

We didn’t get to where we are now over night, and we will not arrive at our destination by tomorrow, (meaning life is a journey with God).

The goal of the Christian life is transformation into the likeness of Christ.  Transformation is the process of Sanctification in which the Holy Spirit takes all of our degradations and turns them into glory, all of our deserts into gardens and all of our weaknesses into strengths.
In nature we have a beautiful example of Transformation which is the caterpillar becoming a butterfly.  In fact the Greek word for butterfly is the same word as soul, which includes the areas of our emotions, and thoughts that we need to renew according to Romans 12:1-2.

1.  What is Life Transformation?
John Sandford states that (Inner Healing) Life Transformation is directive prayer to bring about sanctification and transformation in our lives.  It is a ministry within the Body of Christ to enable believers to come to more effective and continual death on the Cross.
It includes sickness of the emotions, which is generally caused by what is done to us.  It grows out of hurts, which are done to us by another person, or some experience we have been exposed to in the past.  These hurt affect us in the present in the form of bad memories, and weak or wounded emotions.  The effect leads to various problems such as: depression, rejection, inferiorities, fears, psychosomatic illnesses, bloodline inherited family conditions, and unreasonable fears, anger, inability to be committed, etc.

  • We are a product of our total life experiences.  Our reactions to the present situations are determined by our past experiences.  The perceptions of the present can be distorted by past hurts.
  • Every experience we have ever had has molded our personality and makes us act the way we do.
  • Life Transformation does not erase a memory or change our personal history.  Rather, it enables us to cherish even the worst moments in our lives, for through them God has inscribed eternal lessons onto our hearts and prepared us to minister to all who have suffered in the same way. (Heb. 2:18)  Believe it our not you will bless someone one day with what you have experience if you allow God to heal you.  Every person has issues and has experienced hurts and pains.  God always gives the grace to obtain the healing.  Your mess becomes your message.  Your test becomes testimony.

2.  The Purpose of Life Transformation

  • In 2 Timothy 2:9 God says “Let everyone who names the name of Christ depart from iniquity.”  The definition of “iniquity” from scripture is the residue of sin.  The carry-over of transgression, which is something that resides there even though it doesn’t belong.  Unforgiveness, ungodly beliefs, abuse, shame, hurts, and guilt do not belong in our lives.  Life Transformation helps us to identify the truth and dispel the lie of Satan.
  • When we think about a bad experience such as physical or mental abuse, rape, molestation, etc. and the pain is still hurting us—we know we can’t change the situation, but we can trust Jesus to take away the pain, hurt and embarrassment we feel when we think about the incident.
  • Psychologists have estimated we spend 50 percent of our mental emotional energy repressing painful memories.  In Life Transformation
    we begin to reinterpret our experiences—seeing them from God’s point of view.  Healing comes by invoking the presence of the Lord into the experience.
  • God tells us to walk in the Spirit in Galatians 5:16, but because of our shortcomings, failures of the past, pain in our lives we become frustrated.  Inner healing enables us to get in alignment with the Holy Spirit and walk in Alignment.  Watchman Nee says, “A spiritual man is not a man born again, but a man who is born again who is walking in alignment with the Holy Spirit.
  • Life Transformation helps us to actually renew our minds.


3. Topic’s of Life Transformation

  • Forgiveness, the key to freedom
  • Understanding Spirit, Soul and Body
  • Spiritual Warfare, which includes sins of the father and the resulting curses especially word curses
  • To expose Ungodly Beliefs and replace them with Godly Beliefs.
  • The Rejection Syndrome
  • Power of your words
  • Identity in Christ

4.  Who should participate in the Life Transformation Process?

  • Any Christian who wants to walk more effectively in the Spirit.
  • Do you have a habit that you can’t get rid?
  • Do you have feelings of inferiority or insecurity?
  • Do you have a hard time forgiving people and forgetting the hurt?
  • Do you seem to be doing everything you know that is right and you still can’t find victory?
  • Do you have any practically uncontrollable physical appetites?
  • Do you question whether God really loves you?
  • Are you fighting depression or sickness in your body?
  • New Christians and even (old Christians), that are having a difficult time taking the principles of discipleship and Christian living and assimilating it practically in their lives.

5.  Testimonies

  • Life Transformation ministry has ministered to over 2000 people in small and large group setting in Texas, Virginia, Montana, California, Ghana, South Africa and Mexico.
  • During one of the sessions a man 65 years old cried over the hurts he had experienced from his father during his childhood as if it had just happened.  He said that this was one of the happiest days of his life because he had never known such joy and freedom he felt that day.
  • One lady said she had a hard time forgiving someone in her past and because of the class she was able to forgive that person.  This enabled her to have a better relationship with her husband.

6.  More Information

  • The seminars are personally designed to fit your congregation.  It can be a week-end course or a six weeks course to train your leaders how to effectively carry on this ministry in your church.
  • For more information contact Dr. Brenda Stratton, P.O. Box 96742 Houston, Texas 77213.   713-303-7792.


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