Life Transformation

We didn’t get to where we are now over night, and we will not arrive at our destination by tomorrow, (meaning life is a journey with God). The goal of the Christian life is transformation into the likeness of Christ.  Transformation is the process of Sanctification in which the Holy...

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Global Mandate

To help erase illiteracy, lack of knowledge in education, health, prevention of certain diseases such as aids, and nutrition matters. Our mission is to follow God’s mandate in scripture for reaching the lost, and providing healing for the hurting, wounded and brokenhearted. We will address the problems of emotional trauma,...

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Message to the Nations

Message to the Nations is a non-profit organization established to spread the Gospel of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ throughout the world. Our overall intent is to empower individuals to understand their purpose and destiny and give them skills to overcome life’s challenges and obstacles by applying the principles of...

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