Did you know that the way you handle the problems and issues in your life can be the greatest hindrance in becoming the person you really want to become? It is not your parents, spouse, children, co-worker, friend, or even the enemy of your soul (Satan) that is the greatest stumbling block to your life. It is “You.” Have you ever wondered, “Why do I keep making the same wrong choices?” or “Why can’t I get over this pain?” Lord, Deliver Me From Me will help you to examine some of the issues that keep you from moving on in your life, and give you practical steps to overcome them. It addresses such issues as:

  • Forgiving myself (We may be able to forgive others, but most of the time we have a hard time forgiving ourselves)
  • What to do when we are angry at God
  • Getting rid of the skeleton in the closet
  • Moving on from toxic people

This is a step-by-step handbook that will give you some practical questions to answer with practical applications to achieve a fulfilling relationship with God, others, and yourself.

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